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Europe 2030 Lab

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

In a world consumed by the urgent need for climate action, the Europe 2030 Lab event provided a platform for Climate Reality Leaders to come together and envision a sustainable future. The gathering aimed to explore two contrasting scenarios of the future from “The Future We Choose” book authored by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac - “The World We Are Creating” and “The World We Need to Create”. The event also featured a presentation on the upcoming new Climate Reality strategy aimed at contributing to the positive scenario of the future. Moreover, participants actively engaged in group discussions to identify their activist roles and discover ways to take individual action.

The outcomes of the event were captured by Esther Blodau in the image above.

Imagining the Future

One of the key elements of the Europe 2030 Lab event was to discuss two contrasting scenarios for the future, illustrating the potential outcomes depending on whether we reach the Paris Agreement objectives. The first scenario painted a positive picture, showcasing a world where significant efforts were made in combating climate change. It highlighted the potential of a future where the world collectively embraced renewable energy, reduced emissions, and implemented innovative solutions, leading to a transformation to healthier, more collaborative and just societies.

In contrast, the second scenario depicted a more gloomy future, emphasizing the consequences of insufficient climate action. Extreme weather events wreaked havoc on communities and food supply chains, biodiversity faced irreversible damage, and resource scarcity became the norm. This negative scenario served as a wake-up call, underscoring the urgency of immediate and ambitious climate action.

By discussing what gives them hope and what proof they are seeing around them that change is happening, participants were motivated to look beyond negative climate news and build on inspirational and efficient action that’s already happening.

Opportunities: Activity Roadmap

Following a presentation on the upcoming new Climate Reality strategy and Advocacy Actions (read more below), the participants were divided into discussion groups where they explored how they could take individual action based on the activist roles within their communities. These roles ranged from organizers and advocates, through communicators to mentors, each with a unique perspective and contribution to make.

Through interactive discussions, participants identified their personal experiences and interests, and linked them to specific activist roles. For instance, individuals with a passion for education might focus on raising awareness about climate change and sustainable practices in schools and universities. Meanwhile, organizers could work towards coalition building and coordinating efforts to address climate justice issues in climate adaptation policies in Eastern Europe.


The Europe 2030 Lab event brought together a diverse group of individuals committed to building a greener, healthier and more just future. By presenting contrasting scenarios, showcasing the strategy and activist roles, and facilitating group discussions, the event empowered participants to envision their roles as activists and take steps towards positive change.

Advocacy Actions - What is Your Role in the Climate Movement?


Contact a Decision-Maker about the Climate Crisis

● Call a decision-maker

● Meet with a decision-maker

● Send a letter or email to a decision-maker

● Attend or speak at a public hearing/consultation process


Contact Peers about the Climate Crisis

● Raise awareness in your community

● Gather petitions

● Send emails or letters


Write or Create Content about the Climate Crisis

● Write a letter to an editor

● Write an op-ed

● Write an article or blog post

● Create a resource, graphic, video, or piece of art


Speak about the Climate Crisis

● Appear in the media (TV, radio, podcast, etc.)

● Participate in a social media campaign

● Give a Climate Reality presentation

● Speak at an event


Participate in an Event about the Climate Crisis

● Plan or attend a branch meeting, team meeting or interest group call

● Plan or attend an event (fundraiser, march, protest, etc.)

● Plan or attend a volunteer activity (cleaned up trash, planted trees, etc.)


Provide Mentorship

● Mentor at a Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training, in-person or virtually

● Meet one-on-one with a Climate Reality Leader or national/regional Coordinator

● Recruit others to a Climate Reality effort (like attending a training, or participating in a branch event)

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