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Climate Reality Europe's ChangeNOW highlights

Updated: 5 days ago

The ChangeNOW conference has supercharged our commitment to tackling climate change, demonstrating the incredible momentum within our community and beyond 💚

We started with a Climate Reality Leaders meet-up, delving into some beginning-of-the-year announcements—the new host organisation, the kick-off of our latest global campaigns, and exploring collaboration opportunities. This gathering was not just about updates; it was predominantly a chance for Climate Reality Leaders present at ChangeNOW to get to know each other and explore the ways of working together.

Our presence at the conference was highlighted by Climate Reality Leaders hitting the key stages of the conference and speaking about their impactful work:

🟢Jess Pepper, the founder of Climate Cafe, emphasized the power of community action in shaping our environmental future.

🟢Ingmar Rentzhog, the founder of We Don't Have Time, called for a financial shift towards sustainability, urging an end to investments in fossil fuels.

🟢Cedric Ringenbach, the founder of Climate Fresque, highlighted education as a crucial tool for climate awareness and action.

🟢Marie-Claire Graf, the founder of the Climate Youth Negotiatiors Programme and Anu Harkki, initiator of Activist Grannies, showcased the importance of intergenerational collaboration in our activism efforts.

from the left: Marie-Claire Graf; Cédric Ringenbach; Ingmar Rentzhog; Jess Pepper; a panel discussion on the use of AI in activism; Santiago Lefebre (founder of ChangeNOW), Alexandre Naulot (European Head of Advocacy, Fossil Fuel Proliferation Treaty), Clover Hogan (founder of Voice of Nature), and Ingmar Renzthog (founder of We Don't Have Time);

The conference was a melting pot for networking, sparking conversations that promise to evolve into meaningful, actionable partnerships. The energy was infectious, strengthening our resolve and readiness to take on the challenges ahead.

As we progress, the insights and connections from ChangeNow serve as a powerful catalyst. Let’s keep this momentum alive and continue making strides together!

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