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Our Community

Our volunteer Climate Reality Leaders catalyze action in response to the climate crisis by means of presentations, personal outreach, dynamic digital initiatives, and inspirational events. Their goal is to influence the political narrative in order to make the Paris Agreement a reality.

Climate Reality Leaders come from various backgrounds, from high school students to top business managers. They form a dynamic group of world-changers who are shaping the conversation on climate everywhere, from the family dinner table to international summits. Together, they are building a 21st-century movement for solutions.

Our Network in Numbers

Meet the Team

As well as supporting Climate Reality Leaders on the ground and catalyzing action, the Branch staff actively promote European policy efforts together with partner organisations.

Volunteer National & Regional Coordinators in Europe

Volunteer national/regional coordinators support the most active national/regional teams in Europe. Coordinators devote their time and energy, as well as their experience and skills, to engaging with selected programs and assisting active Climate Leaders.

In country alphabetical order:

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