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Climate activists protesting in Germany


We are a diverse group of over 3,800 passionate individuals who have come together to solve the greatest challenge of our time: the climate crisis.

Climate activists attending a music festival

Our Mission

We believe real change comes from the ground up. We know that a small-but-committed critical mass of activists can not only transform society, but change the world.

That’s why we recruit, train, and mobilize people to become powerful activists, providing the skills, campaigns, and resources to push for aggressive climate action and high-level policies that accelerate a just transition to clean energy.

Our Campaigns

We train and mobilize people around Europe with four global campaigns to accelerate climate action this decade and help us reach true net zero by 2050 - the point where global warming can stop in as little as three-to-five years and the Earth behind to heal. 


Book a free presentation on climate science & solutions

Using slides developed by former U.S. Vice President, trained Climate Reality Leaders are ready to talk to you (either in-person or online), using our engaging, science-based talk - including a Q&A. There is no charge.

"The Truth in Ten" presentation maintains a strictly politically neutral stance, advocating solely for climate action. Starting with a reminder of the science behind the climate crisis, it then goes to explore solutions.

Climate Reality Leaders are located throughout Europe. To find a Leader who can give a presentation in your community, click here to submit an online request

What You Can Do

Green groceries


Adopt conscious and planet-friendly habits and consumer decisions

Parliament plenary


Forge the concerns and climate anxiety into real impactful action

Students taking notes


Attend a training led by Al Gore and become a member of a global community of climate activists

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