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Together We Can Change The World!

On September 10, 2020, the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) of the European Parliament voted for a Climate Law proposal targeting 60% green-house gases reduction by 2030.

This decision, the Paris Agreement, the European Union’s Green Deal, the climate emergency declarations already made at local level, the green plans of pioneering businesses, the voice of science, and the expectations of citizens set the direction for Europe to lead on climate.

For centuries, we have built our economies single-mindedly on fossil fuels, leading not only to the climate crisis but also to the erosion of biodiversity and to our present vulnerability to the COVID-19 pandemic. The consequences for citizens and communities typically reflect and reinforce existing inequalities.

The road is still bumpy. The European Commission and the European Council, European countries should be similarly ambitious - it is time to change our systems in all European countries:

Reset the economy! All European governments are currently developing plans to minimize the economic consequences of the pandemic. We must use this opportunity to ensure a systemic transformation that turns the emissions curve around permanently and contributes to the creation of a just, fair, and carbon-free future.

Stop fossil subsidies! It’s time to turn our backs on dirty fossil fuels and to power our lives and economies with affordable clean energy, supporting communities and individuals to build a resilient, healthy future.

Make the Paris Agreement a reality and ensure climate neutrality well before 2050! In order to remain within the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement, the science shows that we must reduce our annual carbon emissions by nearly 8% every year globally through 2030. Action taken now will mean a smaller burden on future generations - so all European countries, including the European Union, should be making their plans to reduce carbon emissions even more ambitious and aiming to transform Europe into the first carbon-neutral continent. In case of the European Union a 65% reduction target is needed, European countries should decide on vigorous goals.

Make green recovery a reality! Binding and transparent mechanisms must be developed and made obligatory with respect to all spending, so as to connect recovery funds with ambitious NDCs. Affected communities need to be involved in decision making, and direct funding is needed at the local level to respond to challenges on the ground.


In the coming weeks European Commission will launch its NDC proposal, the European Parliament Plenary will vote on the Climate Law, the European Council will finalize the reduction target and along these processes all European countries are coping with budget and recovery fund plans. We should send a clear message to them that the time is ripe, let’s make a green recovery, let’s make the Paris Agreement a reality.


Sign the petition "Bailouts? Yes, for people and the planet!" here!

Follow Climate Reality Europe on social media and find out what you can do to ensure our messages reach decision makers who are in the power to influence the future of our planet now! (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram)

This moment is one in a lifetime opportunity for change! An opportunity we cannot miss and for which we need everyone on board - in all European countries

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