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Supporting Italian Youth to shine at COP26

The Climate Reality Europe Team Italy has teamed up with the Italian Ministry for the Ecological Transition to support the Italian youth in their path to COP26. The Italian Climate Reality Leaders developed “PrepareUS!”, a series of workshops aimed at capacity building on the UNFCCC processes, Paris Agreements, and European Green Recovery. The sessions will support young people in articulating and presenting their goals and messages on their vision, and translate them to concrete actions and demands.

Now, the Climate Reality Europe Team Italy is pleased to invite to the second event of the series: "Making Just and Green Recovery a Reality: The future is NOW, Empowering the Youth, Gearing up for PreCOP26!, as part of “All4Climate Italy 2021” and the calendar of official meetings of the Italian Ministry for the Ecological Transition towards COP26.

The event takes place on Friday 26th March 2021, at 18:30.

In this second meeting of the first "PreparUS" phase, the focus will be on the Dialogue for Climate Action (ACE) - an important framework that has been envisaged by the Article 12 of the Paris Agreement - in order to train and involve young people and the civil society in the solution of the climate crisis.

The members of the panel discussion are:

Roberta Ianna, Italian Focal Point ACE Ministry of Ecological Transition

Miroslav Polzer, Founder and executive director of IAAI

Talieh Wögerbauer, ACE Ambassador and Focal Point

Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology


It is possible to register here and follow the live stream on The Climate Reality Europe Team Italy’s Facebook page. To access the recordings of the previous sessions, visit the YouTube channel of the Italian Climate Reality Europe team.

#1 PreparUS! consists of a series of online participatory workshops, with the presence of experts and testimonies of activists: February 26th on International negotiations; March 19th on UNFCCC and Art. 6 of the Paris Agreement; March 26th on the ACE Dialogue; April 22nd, for the Earth Day, on justice, climate and sustainable recovery.

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