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#StopRosebank: The Dire Consequences of the Rosebank Oil Field Development

The UK stands at an alarming crossroads. On one hand, there's the escalating climate crisis and the race to limit global warming to 1.5°C. On the other hand, there's the potential approval of Equinor’s massive Rosebank oil field—a development that could have devastating climate impacts.


Rosebank isn't just any oil field. It's the largest undeveloped reservoir in the North Sea, nearly triple the size of the controversial Cambo oil field. Its potential contribution to carbon emissions is staggering—greater than the combined emissions from 28 of the world's lowest income countries. In essence, this one project could emit more carbon than what 700 million people would produce in a year. These numbers are not just figures on paper; they represent a grim future where regions of our world become uninhabitable.

Yet, who truly stands to gain from Rosebank's approval? Major oil and gas conglomerate, Equinor, which is majority-owned by the Norwegian government, would be one of the primary beneficiaries, alongside Canadian giant, Suncor Energy, and Israeli firm, Ithaca Energy. The irony? While these corporations profit, it's the UK public who would bear the brunt of the costs. Thanks to new subsidies, the UK taxpayers could end up giving over £500 million to support this venture.

Furthermore, Rosebank's touted benefits for the UK seem inflated and misleading. Claims suggest the project would lower fuel costs and create significant employment. In reality, most of the oil is expected to be exported, and job creation would likely be limited and temporary.

Last year, collective action stopped Shell from developing the Cambo oil field. It's time to rally against Rosebank and Equinor’s global endeavors which seem to place profits over our planet’s well-being. With rising living costs linked to fossil fuels and growing awareness of the climate crisis, the public's stance is clear.

Let's not allow narrow industrial interests to overshadow the broader good. Join the movement to ensure a safe, sustainable future. Together, we can Stop Rosebank. Learn more and take action here:

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