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Global Fight to End Fossil Fuels

This September, millions of people around the world will take to the streets to demand a rapid, just, and equitable end to fossil fuels as world leaders gather at the UN General Assembly in New York.

The biggest cause of the climate crisis is fossil fuels. The coal, oil, and gas industry is responsible for the climate crisis and drives a predatory and destructive economic system that harms people and the planet, fuelling climate breakdown. Fossil fuels are bad for the climate, ecosystems, people, our health, our democracies, and our economies.

The science is clear: the world needs a rapid and just transition away from fossil fuels to an energy and economic system that is efficient, fair, and equitable. A system based on clean energy sources and produced with respect for nature and the sovereign rights of Indigenous peoples.

To have hope of addressing the root causes of the climate crisis, leaders of the biggest polluting countries must deliver a fast and fair fossil fuel phase out and fund it globally.

For decades, people and communities globally have sounded the alarm about the dangers of destructive coal, oil, and gas industries. Across the world, people are fighting back against the fossil fuel industry: we’re resisting the development of new pipelines, mines, and infrastructure; we’re demanding that financial institutions stop funding fossil fuels; we’re pushing for a rapid, just, and equitable phase out of all fossil fuels; we are fighting back against unproven technologies that don't address the root cause of the climate crisis, and we’re demanding that big oil, coal, and gas companies are held accountable and pay for the harm they cause.

This September, people on every continent will escalate our fight and #EndFossilFuels together. We can create a global just transition that is #FastFairForever. As Climate Reality we are joining the fight and encouraging Climate Reality Leaders to participate in the September mobilization.

🔗 CLICK HERE to learn more about the campaign and ways of contributing to it.

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