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Event: How can we create societies in harmony with nature

When climate and biodiversity are in crisis, humanity is in a crisis. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that human knowledge, ingenuity, technology and cooperation are redeployed from transforming nature to transforming humankind‘s relationship with nature.

One million species are threatened by extinction and this is closely interlinked to the climate crisis. According to the WHO the climate crisis is estimated to cause over 150 000 human deaths annually. To reach the SDGs by 2030 and achieve the EU 2050 Climate neutrality target we need to change our way of living. In sustainable societies we live in harmony with Nature.

To reach the sustainability goals set in the 2030 Agenda we need to change our lifestyle and co-create societies where we live in harmony with nature. The pandemic has taught us that Nature can strike back but that we can take fast action if necessary. What other lessons can we learn from the events of the last year?

How can we let the SDGs and the Paris Agreement guide us to Build Forward Better & Greener, and with climate justice, leave no one behind?

What can we learn from indigenous and traditional knowledge?

How could local communities bring us closer to the 1.5°C goal and the SDGs?

In 2022 it's halftime in the 2030 Agenda and to 2030 since the Paris Accord and Sweden will host the UN Conference, Stockholm+50. How can we combine digital solutions and knowledge on biodiversity and climate? Can milestones for 2022 and beyond help us speed up? Welcome to a dialogue on speeding up action!

Speakers of the event:

Jan-Gustav Strandenæs, Board 2022 Initiative & Coord. UNEP Major Groups for Stockholm+50, 2022 Initiative Foundation

Daniel Magraw, Professorial Lecturer & Senior Fellow, Johns Hopkins University & Center for International Environmental Law

Helena Lindemark, Founder & Char, 2022 Initiative Foundation & Sustainable Development Sweden AB

Göran Gennvi, Founder & CEO, Nature Academy Learning Lab AB

Bradlie Martz-Sigala, Climate Reality Leader, Climate Reality Project

Christina Carlmark, Moderator, Climate Reality Project

The open discussion will take place on July 6, 12:00PM-2:00PM on the Zoom platform.

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