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Celebrating Earth Day: A dialogue on indigenous and traditional knowledge

Celebrating Earth Day: A dialogue on indigenous and traditional knowledge

Join us virtually to celebrate Earth Day 2021 by tuning into this exciting lunch time talk with biologist, Marie Kvarnström, who has done extensive research and work with indigenous and local communities about traditional knowledge on sustainable ways of living, climate and biodiversity.

We will have a conversation about the urgent need for societal transformation, shift of our deeper values related to the world around us and how we can learn together with indigenous and local communities. She will also talk about the concept of Good Living – Buen Vivir in Spanish – and what this might mean for us.

Click here to join the Facebook event. The event is co-hosted with The 2022 Initiative Foundation.

Click here to register for the Zoom event.

About Marie Kvarnström

Marie Kvarnström is a Swedish biologist at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre, mother of two sons, and an environmental activist. She has worked for the past 30 years in Sweden and internationally (in Southern Africa, India and Latin America) with caring for ecosystems based on local and traditional knowledge of biological diversity. Current interests are the importance of a close relationship between people and the places where we live with all their living beings, how we can assume responsibility for everything we do, and what constitutes a “Good Life”. She has a life-long love for all more-than-human beings.

About The 2022 Initative Foundation

The 2022 Initiative Foundation is a Swedish non-profit organisation, formed with the purpose to engage support and resources towards a sustainable world. The Foundation’s resources are going to support sustainable development from a holistic point of view including social, economical and ecological aspects. In particular the 2022 Initiative Foundation is supporting cross-boundary collaborations, between disciplines, sectors of society, generations and actors from business, academia, grass root and public sector. Our base is Sweden but as our challenges are global we welcome international solutions.

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