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24 Hours of Reality: Let's Get Real

Drought, flooding, wildfires, and more: This is the climate crisis playing out in real time. This is our home and our planet changing in front of our eyes. With world leaders heading to the UN’s COP 26 climate conference in November, we’ve got to send a message: No more empty promises. No more half measures like carbon offsets. It’s time to GET REAL on climate action. On October 29, The Climate Reality Project will hold 24 Hours of Reality: Let’s Get Real, a global day of action to demand world leaders finally take real action to stop rising temperatures and confront the climate crisis.We need your voice. Join people all around the world in standing up and speaking as one to push our leaders to take real action on climate.


1. Concrete plans for actual and immediate reductions of greenhouse gas emissions:Emissions reductions must be the priority, not a reliance on offsets, which too often prove to be smoke and mirrors.

2. A just transition from coal and gas to clean energy: In a world with other cost-effective, clean, renewable energy there is simply no place for fossil fuels. This means moving from extractive economies to clean energy while investing big in frontline communities and developing truly inclusive workforces. Our fight for solutions cannot replicate the inequities of the past.

3. Restorative justice in financing solutions: The nations responsible for the climate crisis have to own up to the damage they’ve done. This means honoring commitments now and financing adaptation and zero-carbon development in impacted nations in the years ahead.


For one full day around the world people will be raising their voices and demanding Real Action from their leaders. IT’S TIME TO GET REAL ON CLIMATE ACTION


With 24 Hours of Reality: Let’s Get Real, the world gets LOUD before leaders gather for COP 26. And we need you with us.Go to to find all the ways you can raise your voice to demand real action:

• Start by joining the chorus of voices demanding real change by posting on social media with the hashtag #LetsGetReal.

• Then on October 29, record a short video explaining why real climate action matters to you – or share a quick post calling for bold action. To get started, visit for sample posts, easy-to-share graphics, and instructions on recording a video.

• On the day, you’ll also find information on how to take specific action targeted to where you live. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite #LetsGetReal posts on Climate Reality’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages over the course of October 29. Because we’re strongest when we’re speaking together.

And during 24 Hours of Reality: Let’s Get Real, we’re going to make sure our leaders hear us.


• The window for action to avert the most dramatic temperature increases is closing fast.

• This year’s UN COP 26 climate conference is a critical juncture where nations will assess how well they’re doing in meeting their commitments – and hopefully to raise those commitments.

• Every voice matters – leaders must know that we demand action commensurate with the crisis.

• The climate crisis threatens our health, jeopardizing everything from our food and water to diseases spreading faster and further.

• The climate crisis is a matter of justice, disproportionately affecting those who contributed the least to global emissions, particularly Black, brown, and Indigenous communities around the world.

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