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global climate strike, september 23

This Friday, September 23, all over the world people of all ages will be mobilizing to demand transformative action be taken by our world’s governments to address the climate crisis.

The goal of the strike is to put pressure on policymakers and governments around the world, to make them listen to scientists, and take widespread and urgent action to tackle climate change and limit global warming.

In light of this year’s events, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, extreme droughts in Europe and Africa, and deadly floods in Pakistan and Nigeria, activists across the world need to ring the balls on the environmental injustice deepening with every fraction of a temperature increase.

This year’s theme of the protest is #PeopleNoProfit, highlighting the outrageous discrepancy between Big Oil companies profiteering from the energy crisis, and millions of people around the world suffering from the consequences of human-induced rapid climate change.

Protesters will be taking part in a global climate strike on Friday which is led by the Fridays for Future youth movement and is expected to take place in more than 600 locations. Check the Fridays For Future map to find registered protests near you or organize your own:

For activists > 18 years old:

Fridays For Future recommend talking to your principal and teachers ahead of time and asking them to support you. Do your research and bring accurate scientific information to these meetings to let them know you’re serious and well-informed.

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