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Climate Reality Leaders demanding climate crisis media coverage

A WIN FOR IRELAND! Climate Reality Leaders in Ireland were among hundreds of activists successfuly demanding RTE, a state broadcaster, to cover the climate crisis and include it in extreme weather events reporting, read more here (link).

Today, Jon Williams, Managing Director of the RTE News, has announced that every journalist in RTE News will take part in a workshop on climate science, and the reporting of it. Additionally, RTE will set up a special team, working across RTE News & Current Affairs, dedicated to reporting the climate crisis, beginning with extensive coverage of the upcoming COP26.

Climate Reality welcome this move by the Irish state broadcaster given the scientific consensus on climate change and extreme weather events already being experienced in Europe and around the world.

The media play a central role in raising awareness about the climate crisis. We have the right to demand that media lead the conversaton about the climate crisis, and the impact it is having. Failure to do so, leads to deluding the public and creatig a false image of reality.

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