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Installing Solar Panels
Installing Solar Panels

Financing Just Transition

The tools to leave fossil fuels behind are in our hands. Our job now is to ensure communities everywhere have the capital they need to seize the moment.


At Climate Reality, we push governments and multilateral development banks like the World Bank to end support for dirty fossil fuel projects and mobilize billions in public and private finance to help Global South nations recover after disasters and build resilient clean energy economies.

What We're Fighting For

MASSIVE PUBLIC INVESTMENT IN RENEWABLES. Tasked with fighting poverty and promoting shared prosperity, the World Bank and other multilateral development banks must rapidly shift all financing from the fossil fuel projects driving climate devastation to clean energy initiatives in the Global South.

FAIR AND ACCESSIBLE CREDIT FOR GLOBAL SOUTH NATIONS. Developing economies need access to the same opportunities and fair credit terms wealthy nations enjoy to harness the power of local entrepreneurs and build thriving clean energy economies.

A LOSS AND DAMAGE FUND THAT DELIVERS. Wealthy countries must face up to their historical responsibility for global warming emissions and provide developing nations with the financial support they need to rebuild after disasters and survive in our climate-changed future.

Street Flood

What is "loss and damage"?

Indeed, poor and vulnerable countries did little to contribute to the crisis, while they bear a great majority of its impacts. This calls for climate reperations that will allow them to adjust to a new reality. 


The financial support aimed at repairng the destruction already being wreaked by the climate crisis on lives, livelihoods and infrastructure (mostly in the Global South) is referred to as "loss and damage" funds. We encourage you to learn more about it by watching one of our webinars dedicated to this topic:

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We believe real change comes from the ground up.

We know that a small-but-committed critical mass of activists can not only transform society, but change the world.

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