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Climate Justice

The program objective is to build authentic, non-transactional relationships with climate justice communities and leaders in Europe and beyond. The branch aims to integrate a climate justice perspective into all its activities and empower newly trained Climate Reality Leaders to look at the climate crisis from a human rights approach.


Because only if everyone is uplifted and no one is left behind can we become a unified European community, resilient against authoritarian leaders and the impacts of climate change.

What We're Fighting For

INTERSECTIONALITY. Factors like gender, race, ethnicity, health status, economic status, and other socio-demographic pillars define frontline communities' security and coping mechanisms in the context of climate change. We want to point out systemic inequalities in Europe and beyond.

HISTORIC RESPONSIBILITY. Recognizing Europe's colonial past and historical responsibility of being one of the biggest GHG emitters globally is crucial for achieving real climate justice. We see the climate crisis as an issue of unequal global power relations and oppression originating from imperialism and colonialism

COMMUNITY POWER. At Climate Reality, we want to demonstrate the power of frontline communities to be agents of transformative change. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Navigating Climate Justice: Foundations

Check out the Navigating Climate Justice Summary Report with the main outcomes of the four module virtual training that took place in March 2022. Organized by our climate justice interest group, this training introduced Climate Reality Leaders to the various definitions, identified the most impacted communities, and talked about ethical, inclusive, and effective community engagement.

Stay tuned for the dates and application of our 2024 virtual Navigating Climate Justice training!

Take Action & Learn More

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We believe real change comes from the ground up.

We know that a small-but-committed critical mass of activists can not only transform society, but change the world.

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