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Our volunteer Climate Reality Leaders catalyze action in response to the climate crisis by means of presentations, personal outreach, dynamic digital initiatives, and inspirational events. Their goal is to influence the political narrative in order to make the Paris Agreement a reality.

Climate Reality Leaders come from various backgrounds, from high school students to top business managers. They form a dynamic group of world-changers who are shaping the conversation on climate everywhere, from the family dinner table to international summits. Together, they are building a 21st-century movement for solutions.


As well as supporting Climate Reality Leaders on the ground and catalyzing action,

the Branch staff actively promote European policy efforts together with partner organisations.

Gosia Rychlik

Interim Branch Manager

Gosia Rychlik is the Interim Branch Manager for Climate Reality Europe. Gosia has worked both in the private (Unilever) and in the non-governmental sector (UNICEF) on programs, acquiring skills in coordinating stakeholder and volunteer activities, digital marketing, partnership campaigns, strategy development, and implementation. She is a trained Climate Reality Leader and also a member of other civic organizations like the Global Shapers Warsaw Hub or the One Young World.

Jessica Besch

Program & Engagement Manager

Jessica has previously worked for the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens in Vienna, where she coordinated a webinar series on climate justice and scholarship program focusing on the implementation of community projects related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As an active member of Women in International Security Austria, Jessica is interested in the intersections of peacebuilding, security and climate change, and is running a mentorship program for young women from OSCE countries.


Volunteer national/regional coordinators support the most active national/regional teams in Europe.

Coordinators devote their time and energy, as well as their experience and skills, to engaging with selected programs and assisting active Climate Leaders.

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