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Volunteer national/regional coordinators support the most active national/regional teams in Europe.


They devote their time and energy, as well as their experience and skills, to engaging with selected programs and assisting active Climate Leaders. The Europe branch currently has 10 Coordinators (overview here).


In general, Coordinators

    1. serve as a primary point of contact for the European Branch for national/regional Team members;

    2. actively promote Climate Reality Europe’s programs, calls, events and campaigns and organize Team members for the various Branch activities;

    3. organize regular (minimum quarterly) meetings online and/or in person with Climate Reality Leaders of their national/regional Team with a focus on branch activities;

    4. manage (and/or delegate if/when applicable) available internal national/regional Team communication channels and support their transfer to the new Reality Hub channel;

    5. upon interest and workability manage (and/or delegate if applicable) existing social media channels of the Teams (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

    6. upon interest and workability, develop and facilitate Team activities connected to selected branch programs in close cooperation with the European Branch; and

    7. participate at Coordinators’ team calls and one-on-one calls, and provide feedback on progress through the quarterly on-line feedback form.

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