about the project:

path to zero


High energy prices combined with energy security issues have forced European countries to reconsider energy policies and resources. Unfortunately, current plans include a dirty renaissance of fossils and non-sustainable resources instead of focusing on sufficiency measures and renewables.


We, as Climate Leaders, have to speak up for climate ambition and speak against locking in our future to energy solutions, which are risking the Paris Agreement goals or our ecosystem.

our work

The program focuses on amplifying green transition narratives across Europe and within the Climate Reality Leaders community for a real shift from fossils or non-sustainable resources leading to a net-zero economy.

The program became even more relevant, in light of the war in Ukraine, which restored fossil energy project proposals like natural gas or phase-out deadline postponements.

Phase 1: a series of workshops on controversial energy sources alternatives (for Climate Reality Leaders)

Phase 2: a series of workshops on country-specific transition scenarios (for Climate Reality Leaders)

Gas Plant

take action

Contact us at europe@climatereality.com if you are interested to join this program!