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The Green Deal, the European Climate Law, and the recently proposed Fit for 55 legislative packages are helping to pave the way to a climate-neutral society. In the context of this vital transformation, and of what is possibly the biggest socioeconomic undertaking this century, public discourse is focusing on the measures required for implementation, while its inevitability is not in question.

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Our just transition program focuses on two locations: Poland and Kosovo. Together with local activists we explore policy frameworks, showcase the importance of a "just" energy transition process, seek opportunities and best practices of it, and bring the topic of just transition closer to the public eye.

Poland: "Just transition: change by design, not disaster" short documentary, available online from September 2022.

Kosovo:  the program aims at building the understanding of the concept of just transition and building capacities on the operating mechanisms of just transition


Check the "Just transition: change by design, not disaster" short documentary website here (link) and learn what actions you can take!


Who doesn’t dream of having a better job, a cleaner environment, and a prosperous future for their family and community? How can these goals be achieved? How can we transform our societies and economies? How can we move away from technologies that contribute to air pollution and carbon emissions towards a clean future based on renewable energy?

Representatives of the whole of society need to be involved in answering these questions. This is the only way to ensure that the energy transition – the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies – will create genuine opportunities for the families and communities of Kosovo, and that no one is left behind without proper support.

In September and October 2022, dozens of civil society members, youth representatives, and municipality and government officials participated in a series of workshops to explore the principles of a just transition.

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