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climate justice


The climate crisis is happening right here and right now.  

But not all people are equally responsible for it, nor are they all equally impacted by its consequences. This climate injustice is happening all around the world, also in Europe. 

Vulnerable frontline communities like women and children, people with disabilities, migrants, poor and low-income individuals and households, minority groups like the Roma and Sinti community, or the Sami indigenous people in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia are already experiencing other forms of injustice and discrimination and therefore have fewer resources to tackle the impacts of the climate crisis. Factors like gender, race, ethnicity, health status, economic status, and other socio-demographic pillars define their security and coping mechanisms in the context of climate change. 

If you are an activist or local organization working on climate justice and would like to explore potential collaboration, please contact jessica.besch.eu@climatereality.com

our work

The program objective is to build authentic, non-transactional relationships with climate justice communities and leaders in Europe and beyond. The branch aims to integrate a climate justice perspective into all its activities and empower newly trained Climate Reality Leaders to look at the climate crisis from a human rights approach. Because only if everyone is uplifted and no one is left behind can we become a unified European community, resilient against the impacts of climate change.


A group of passionate Climate Reality Leaders based in Europe seeks leadership opportunities as the "Climate Justice Interest Group". Its goal is to identify systemic inequalities in Europe and demonstrate the power of impacted communities to be agents of change. 

take action: navigating climate justice 

Check out the Navigating Climate Justice Summary Report with the main outcomes of the four module virtual training which happened in March 2022. Organized by our climate justice interest group, this training introduced Climate Reality Leaders to the various definitions, identified the most impacted communities, and talked about ethical, inclusive, and effective community engagement.

Image by Markus Spiske


Climate injustice can manifest itself in various ways. We are organizing webinars on different topics to showcase the broad spectrum of intersectional injustices within the climate crisis. 

Check out our YouTube Channel for the webinars and contact us if you want to forge synergies.