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We live in a climate emergency.

Fortunately, more and more stakeholders - and especially local communities - are recognizing the magnitude of the climate crisis and its impacts on their daily lives and are deciding to act on local and regional levels.

Image by Li-An Lim


Our objective is to galvanize climate action on local level through climate emergency declarations and measures –with the active support of local Climate Reality Leaders.

Together with Climate Reality Leaders based in Europe, we have compiled a toolkit providing guidelines and tips for citizens on catalyzing commitments, dialogue, and action for a just, resilient, and carbon-free future in their local communities. Initiatives such as this have an impact that can be felt beyond the local level, often leading to national and regional change and ultimately contributing to the achievement of the Paris Agreement goals.


Start the journey of your community to a carbon-free future by downloading the guidelines and inspiring climate emergency solutions on a local level!

Stay connected and share your success stories — contact us on Together we are stronger!

The Climate Emergency Community Guidelines” document is available in the following languages: Albanian, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Spanish

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