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business climate action


For far too long determinations in business have been led by rapid market fluctuations, consolidated economic benefits, and increased consumer demand, rather than focusing on the long-term environmental and social consequences of their value chains. If these trends were to continue, it would be nearly impossible to achieve the most ambitious Paris Agreement goal of keeping the global temperature rise below 1.5°C.


We can already see that after 6 years into the Paris Agreement less than 25% of the world's public companies are on track to achieve the emission reduction goals by 2050. 

Businesses have a key role to play in not turning back to our dirty past when resetting our economy after the pandemic. Their climate ambitions are led by the market, economic benefits and - more and more often - by visionary leaders.

our work

Our objective is to educate, inspire, and encourage business organizations to take necessary steps to fulfill their role & responsibility in reaching emissions limits in line with the Paris Agreement. The program aims at creating and maintaining dialogue between the Climate Reality community (Climate Reality Leaders) and business organizations.

Our activites:

  • Quarterly thematic business events with keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, networking sessions.

  • "FitFor55" project - translating upcoming FitFor55 policies for small & medium enterprises (SMEs). 

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The registration for the upcoming event opens in September 2022.

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