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Join the Global Climate Conversation: 24 Hours of Reality at COP 28

Updated: 5 days ago

In a year where historic heat waves, fires, and floods brought the crisis home to millions, our annual 24 Hours of Reality media event will take us to the heart of the global response and the UN’s COP 28 climate summit in Dubai.

Join us on December 7 at and on our social media channels for an inside look at the voices and the conversations shaping our planet's future.

Streaming from Dubai, get ready for a day of stories, interviews, and more. You'll be right there with the negotiators deep inside talks and hear from inspiring youth voices, Indigenous leaders, and advocates fighting the fossil fuel agenda.

Along the way, we’ll explore the key issues at COP 28: from phasing out fossil fuels and industry greenwashing to justice for vulnerable countries and the very process of COP itself.

It's a day to share our progress as a movement, the obstacles in our way, and the road to true net zero and a sustainable future for us all.

We hope you can join us!

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