Leaders in the spotlight



United Kingdom

Dr Jo Durgan is not only a great speaker but also an inspiring community organizer within our network. Since the 2017 Pittsburg training she has registered >600 Acts of Leadership, and mentored twice. As a research scientist she realized that, while vital, lab work contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. She has developed a 'Green Labs' initiative to tackle this at the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, home to hundreds of academic scientists and 60 biotech companies. This scheme is proving that research institutions can reduce their environmental footprint, without disrupting scientific activities, and that this can also save valuable funds to reinvest in research. Jo now delivers talks on this work to scientists and institutes across Europe.

What motivates Jo to be a Climate Leader is a sense of responsibility to her kids, and everyone in their generation, and by the sense that tackling the climate crisis also gives us an opportunity to create a healthier and more equitable world.