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Gary Reusche mobilizing community led local development

Gary Reusche mobilizing community led local development


Gary is a social and economic development worker with experience in more than 70 countries and nearly 50 years. Combining a PhD in agricultural science with an MBA in management, he managed projects in Central America, Africa, South Asia and the ex-Soviet Union for numerous bilateral and multilateral donors. He is a member of the Bahá’í Faith, working for a unified world, with respect for all peoples and religions. His passion is to correlate Bahá’í social principles with current realities in the world and to work for a sustainable future in a united world. As a social activist, he lives on a small farm and runs a residential vacation school for groups of children, youth, and adults striving to build a culture based on universal spiritual principles. 

His experience and knowledge now help in Ukraine to mobilize citizens and communities not only in the rural sector but also for urban projects. He is one of our local volunteers, who contributed to the assessment of the draft Kyiv ecological strategy - besides supporting other events of Climate Reality Europe in Ukraine. 


1) What was most rewarding about this activity? I focus on community led local development, which is the best mechanism for sustainable development and the development of young professionals. 

2) What are your next steps? Whenever the occasion arises to support youth movements, I will provide my experience and expertise and contribute to social action. 

3) Do you have any recommendation for other climate activists? Continuously search and study the range of existential issues that will impact the planet in the coming decades. Get involved in public discourse. Discuss the issues openly and encourage a collaborative and cooperative approach.