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Oil Refinery

Reducing Emissions

There is no secret to how we stop global warming: Stop burning fossil fuels. At Climate Reality, we're working to end the fossil fuel era that got us here and speed a just transition to clean energy that creates millions of jobs and opens the door to a better life for us all.

What We're Fighting For

HALVING GLOBAL EMISSIONS BY 2030. Stopping rising temperatures starts with slashing emissions – fast. We work for ambitious policies that drive the rapid system change we need to reach net-zero, shifting demand from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy alternatives and harnessing the power of nature to draw down carbon pollution.

STOPPING NEW FOSSIL FUEL PROJECTS AND SHUTTING DOWN EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE. The first rule of escaping a hole is to stop digging. We mobilize communities across the planet to prevent new climate-changing pipelines and power plants from ever being built and shut down current facilities.

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Learn what's driving emissions around the world and near you

With satellite data from places like our partners at Climate TRACE, we now know what sectors are the biggest contributors to global emissions and which individual power plants, oil fields, and other sources are the biggest polluters

What the Fossil Fuel Industry doesn't want you to know

Climate Reality founder Al Gore says it loud and clear: “The climate crisis is a fossil fuel crisis.” Find out what #BigOil doesn’t want you to know in his TED talk.

Local Communities for Climate Neutrality

Amidst a global climate crisis, local communities are pivotal in driving change. Our initiative, co-created with Climate Reality Leaders, provides a toolkit for local action towards a just, resilient, and carbon-free future. This community-led approach not only addresses local climate challenges but also contributes to global goals set by the Paris Agreement. Start transforming your community by leveraging our guidelines through the following steps:


Understand the local context of climate change


Engage allies and empower fellow citizens


Engage in a dialogue with local decision-makers

'Climate Emergency Community' guidelines

Download the guidelines and start making your impact today.  

Take Action & Learn More

Join Climate Reality

We believe real change comes from the ground up.

We know that a small-but-committed critical mass of activists can not only transform society, but change the world.

Join our Global Team's email list we’ll keep you posted on how you can take action to address the climate crisis with us.

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